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FillerGel B


FillerGel B is a filler of an bentonite origin, used in many industries for the manufacture of: synthetics, rubber goods, chemical products, various sort of paints etc. It is also used in the paper industry.
FillerGel A is produced from selective exploited bentonite deposits to obtain the best properties.


Fineness of grinding
   min. 95% under 0.045 mm
Bulk density  kg/m3
Moisture  max. %  12
Swelling  ml/2g  13-18
pH    9-11
Ignition loss
 max. %  6.0
Fe2O3  max. %  7.0
CaO  max. %  1.5
MgO  %  1.7
SiO2  %  64

Content of montmorillonite: 60-70%


FillerGel B is packed in 25 kg bags, 1000 kg per pallet. 1000 kg big bags.


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