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Bentonite TSB/QSE


The large swelling capacity makes Bentonite TSB/QSE suitable for:

  • The complete repair of drilled-through or damaged clay layers
  • Securing spring-loaded charges in the ground for seismological study
  • Making dams, dykes and water barriers non-water-permeable
  • Rapidly sealing damaged wells, etc..
  • Careful and even dosing are required for an optimal result.
  • Bridge formation can occur in the event of dosing too rapidly.


Cylindrical bentonite rods (granules)made from 100 % activated sodium bentonite. A characteristic of Bentonite TSB/QSE is its considerable water absorption capacity, as a result of which it swells up considerably when in contact with water. The TSB/QSE quality is KIWA certified in the field of toxicological aspects.


  • The assurance of a strong, virtually watertight layer which can only be achieved using a pure sodium bentonite
  • Has extra swelling capacity for sealing irregularities in the borehole wall or difficult to reach cavities
  • Certified according to KIWA-ATA, therefore absolutely safe for use in drinking water areas
  • Easy to apply
  • Absolutely environmentally-friendly


Complies with the requirements set in BRL-K20236/01 for borehole clay for sealing boreholes in bottom layers with poor water permeability Supplied with KIWA certificate for Toxicological Aspects (ATA), which guarantees an environmentally-friendly product

Parameter Method Requirement Typical Value
Water absorption capacity after 24 hours ASTM E946-92 ≥ 600 % (BRL-265/01) 800 %

Typical values

Montmorillonite levelX-ray diffraction80 %
Moisture contentDIN 1812116 %

Chemical and physical properties

CompositionHigh-quality activated sodium bentonite
ColourGrey green
FormCylindrical rods
DimensionsDiameter 6.5 mm
Length5 – 20 mm
Density2100 kg/m3
Bulk density1100 kg/m3


  • 1000 kg packed in 25 kg polyethylene bags on a pallet with shrink film
  • 1000 kg big bags
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