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GASSEAL Gas Migration Additive


Clear, off-white liquid.

Composition and Application

Gasseal is a harmless cationic high molecular weight polymer solution and is used to control or prevent gas migration after primary cementing and in critical cement plugs. Gasseal can only be used in combination with anionic additives like lignosulphonate retarders and/or friction reducers. Laboratory testing is recommended to determine type of friction reducer requested to prevent “synergistic effects” or precipitation. The freezing point of Gasseal is minus 10 oC and can be lowered by additions of methanol. The pH is about 7.

Guidelines for use of Gasseal

Recommended: 5 to 20 liters per 100 kg of cement. Normally 10 liters are more than sufficient, depending on type, brand and quality of the cement.
Run laboratory tests under simulated field conditions in a HTHP consistometer and HTHP fluid loss test cell. Add retarders as needed to obtain sufficient pumping-time. Finally check for HTHP cement settling.
Suggestion: test slurry in HTHP consistometer for some time, less than the final thickening time, then transfer slurry to both fluid loss cell and to cement-settling-cylinder. When needed, add microsilica to improve rheology and/or settling.
Gasseal does not need anti coagulation additives.
Gasseal is a non-critical additive for cement and safe to use.
Gasseal can be used with Portland cement, Slagcement and Pozzolancement, with or without bentonite or attapulgite.
Gasseal is compatible with salt up to saturation.
Gasseal is compatible with Calciumchloride: it functions even better with 2% Calciumchloride.


Gasseal must be stored inside at room temperature.


1050 kg IBC’s or 125 kg drums.

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