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Dark viscous liquid with characteristic odour.

Composition and Application

Drilling Detergent is a specially formulated surfactant, designed to reduce torque and drag in all kinds of water based drilling fluids. It is mainly used in top hole sections to minimise bit balling and to aid in the removal of drilled cuttings. Drilling Detergent disperses easily in any water base mud system and is compatible with all the common water based additives.


The mud composition will suggest the proper concentration of Drilling Detergent. In general a concentration of 0.6 - 0.8 l/m3 is required.


  • Appearance dark liquid
  • Density 1020 kg/m3 approx.
  • Pour point < 0 oC
  • Flash Point > 100 oC


55 US gallon non returnable iron drums.

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