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Modiscav H2S is anorganic chemical which after activation with caustic soda, is highly reactive as an H2S- scavanger..


Modiscav H2S is anorganic quarternary ammonium derivate dissolved in water.


Appearance - clear liquid

Flash point - >100C

Pour point - <-10C

Density at 20C - approx. 1170 kg/m3

Viscosity at 20C - max. mPa.s


- soluble in water,

- nsoluble in hydrocarbons


Modiscav H2S is used as an H2S-scavenger. The reaction with H2S is irreversible and results in a stable product which is harmless, has no flavour and dissolves in the water phase. As the scavenging reaction takes place in the water phase, attention should be paid to this aspect when scavenging H2S in a multi-phase system: gas, liquid hydrocarbons and water.
Enough reaction time must be allowed. This reaction time can vary from a few seconds to a few minutes and is dependant upon a number of factors, e.g. , temperature, gas-oil-water ratio and mixing effect. Details can be given on request. The dosage of Modiscav H2S depands on the amout of H2S to be scavanged. Is is advised to use 10 weight parts of Modiscav H2S per 1 weight part of H2S. Increasing this ratio gives a decrease in reaction time. Modiscav H2S has to be activated with caustic soda before it is injected. This activation is carried out by mixing 3 volume parts of a 18 wt% NaOH solution with 4 volume parts of Modiscav H2S. For this activation 3 to 5 minutes reaction time is necessary.


Modiscav H2S is packed in 220 kg ( approx. 55 US Gallon, nett approx. 175 kg) plastic drums.


Modiscav H2S requires no special storage conditions. However do not store the product below 0°C.
The product causes skin and eye irritation. Therefore, it is recommended to wear gloves and safety glasses when handling. In case of skin contract, flush eyes with plenty of water.

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