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Partially hydrolysed polyacrylamide of high molecular weight.


Appearance: white, free-flowing granulate
Bulk Density: 650-750 g/l
Solubility: completely soluble in water
Active substance content: approx. 95%
Moisture content: approx. 5%
Ionic charge: medium anionic
Viscosity of 0,5% solution
in distilled water (20°C):
5 500 mPa s (Brookfield)
Viscosity of 0,1% (0.35 lb/bbl)
solution in tap water (20°C):
55 s (Marsh Funnel)
Viscosity of 0,2% (0.7 lb/bbl)
solution in tap water (20°C):
75 s (Marsh Funnel)
pH of 0.5% solution: approx. 7.5


Modistab 624 is used in low solids and clear water drilling fluids on its own or in combination with potassium salt to give a high degree of shale encapsulation. Clay and shale problems such as swelling, sloughing, bit balling and flow plugging can be effectively prevented.

By preventing the dispersion of cuttings and flocculating small particles, Modistab 624 ensures that no uncontrollable build up of solids or viscosity takes place.

Modistab 624 develops very high viscosity in fresh water. The solution viscosity decreases progressively with increasing electrolyte content but the shale encapsulating properties are maintained unless there is an unusually massive influx of divalent cations.

The friction reducing properties of Modistab 624 solution minimize drag and wear and also lead to an easier and more complete recovery of cores.

Modistab 624 is not known to be toxic or damaging to ecology if used as recommended and is not subject to fermentation. Bacteria determinations in water from wells drilled with the product correspond to those from wells drilled with clear water.

Experience has shown that water wells drilled with Modistab 624 solution require relatively short development times. This results from the flocculation of fine cuttings which can settle in the mud pits and don’t damage reservoir permeability. The product itself is completely soluble.

Modistab 624 is economical to use since normally less than 0.15% (0.5 lb/bbl) is required.


Add slowly trough the hopper or other suitable dissolving unit and agitate the solution for at least 15 minutes. Avoid continuous high shearing (e.g. fast propeller stirrer) if maximum viscosity is required. The product should be completely dissolved after this time. The solution will achieve final viscosity after 30-45 minutes.

If no dissolving unit is available, sprinkle the granulate into a jet of water or a place of high turbulence. It is important that no lumps are formed during the initial water contact since these may not dissolve completely.

Typical dosages are:

  • for friction reduction and flocculation 10-100 ppm
  • for shale encapsulation in fresh water 0.05-0.1%
  • for shale encapsulation in brines 0.1-0.2%


Modistab 624 is classed as non hazardous and non restricted for transport. Split product which becomes wet or product solution cause floors to become very slippery. Adsorb with sawdust, sand etc. or wash away thoroughly with water. The lack of toxicity and skin irritation make any health damage due to proper product use extremely unlikely. Eye protection is, however, recommended to prevent eye irritation. Observe the cleanliness usual when handling chemical substances.


Dry storage is advisable. Opened sacks should be closed carefully if not all product has been used to prevent the entry of moisture. Storage stability in dry closed sack at room temperature: at least 1 year.

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