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DESCO Mud deflocculant/conditioner


DESCO is a multi-purpose thinning and conditioning agent which can be used in a variety of water based drilling fluid systems. In addition to its excellent thinning ability at low concentrations, DESCO is extremely effective at high temperatures.


DESCO can be used in all types of drilling muds, including dispersed systems, semi-dispersed, fresh water muds, low solids systems, gyp and lime muds and salt water fluids. Due to the high activity of DESCO, even small concentrations will allow optimized thinning with reduction of overall viscosity, yield point and gol strengths.


The following typical concentration level are recommended for the mud system stated.

Fresh Water Muds 0,5 ppb
Dispersed Systems 1,0-2,0 ppb
Sea Water Muds 0,25-1,5 ppb
Saturated Salt Muds 1,0-1,5 ppb
Lime Mud 4,0-5,0 ppb

For high temperature applications, a concentration of 2,0-4,0 ppb will maintain rheological properties and stabilize gellation tendences of the fluid, even with high solids contain ( i.e. weighted muds)


DESCO is packaged in 25 lb heavy daty expert sacks.

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