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For the production of drilling fluid for use in oil- and gas well drilling and in horizontal directional drilling. For optimal efficiency the mixing water of the slurry should have the following properties:

  • Conductivity:   ≤ 1000 μS/cm
  • pH:   4.5 – 9


The basis for CEBOGEL API is a high-quality sodium bentonite from a Mediterranean source. A characteristic is the low YP/PV ratio.

Typical values

ParameterMethodRequiredTypical Value
600 Reading at 64 gramAPI 13A-section 930 min.38
Yield Point/plastic viscosity ratioAPI 13A-section 93 max.2.6
Wet sieve analysisAPI 13A-section 94 % max.3 %
Filtrate volumeAPI 13A-section 915 ml max.14 ml


  • 1000 kg packed in 25 kg bags on a pallet with shrink film
  • bulk

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