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A greyish tinted, white, homogenous substance in flakes/scales ca 1 mm thick: very hygroscopic: easy soluble in water, ethyl alcohol, acetone and acetic acid. Deliquescent on exposure to moisture of the air.


Calcium chloride,CaCl2 - 78-80 %
Chlorides, as NaCl - 2 % max.
Water insoluble matter - 0,2 % max.


In building as an admixture to concrete, thus enabling its being used at a temperature as low as- 6°C and increasing at a temperature above 0°C the speed of binding and the resistance of concrete. It is also used in all refrigerating plants. In the chemicals industry of obtainnig metallic calcium by electrolysis as well as for obtaining alizarin and parchment paper: as a coagulator in rubber production as a catalyst in the production ehtyl chloride, methyl acetate and like compounds. Owing to its highly hygroscopic properties, it is also used:

  • as an air gas-drying agent in chemicals laboratories and plants.
  • as a dust-preventing substance on playgronds and roads.
  • as an antifreeze during coal and ore transportation.


White polyethylen bags of 50kgs net on pallets covered with thermo-shrinking foil (21 bags on 1 pallet)

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