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Bentonite Swelltonite®HQ

Swelltonite HQ is a mixture of high grade of sodium type bentonite with selected polymers. The product builds up a drilling mud with the high carrying capacity and it forms a thin mud cake on the bore wall. Since the Swelltonite HQ is activated by special polymers its dispersion in water is quick. After 10 – 15 min a mud structure is created and the mud is ready for use.
Due to its properties the Swelltonite HQ is recommended for all types of water drilling fluids especially for HDD applications.


(AT 20°C)

Concentration [kg/m3] Gel10’’ [lb/100 ft2] Marsh funnel [s] Plastic viscosity [cP] Yield point [lb/100 ft2]
20 7 40 9 11
25 10 52 13 22
30 17 81 14 38


Ground Concentration [kg/m3]
Clays, loams 20
Sands: small and medium 20-25
Large sands, gravels, boulders 25-30
Stones 30-40


Swelltonite HQ is packed in 25 kg bags, 1000 kg per pallet.

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