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We are the represenative of following companies:

  • Boretech Holland
  • Comoplast solideal
  • Inrock
  • IDS
  • Weatherford Engineered Chemistry
  • Testing Equipment
  • CEBO Holland

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It all began in 1981, when engineer John Berkhuysen established Best Drilling Chemicals Holland. The company, relying on engineering knowledge, quickly became a market pioneer and promoter of modern solutions manifested by numerous patents for chemical agents applied in exploratory drill- ing and hydrocarbon exploration.

The Subsequent years bore fruit in the form of enterprises established all over the world. Thus subsidiaries were established in Poland, Czech Republic and Germany, as were agencies in Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Iran, the Baltic States, Romania, Ukraine and Russia, whilst the parent company be- came BDC International. BDC Poland was established in 1991, becoming the first Polish company of this type. We are entitled to say that everything started with us – even our competition...

Similarly to the parent company, the Polish branch commenced its operation servicing the petroleum and gas drilling market. High-quality drilling devices manufactured by Best Drilling Chemicals, and by many other producers represented by the company, continue to be a guarantee of success of the conducted work.

The high quality requirements set for deep drilling chemistry provide a positive review of BDC products with respect to other engineering works. These circumstances, combined with the intensive development of drilling, resulted in the industry ceasing to be the domain of large companies and becoming an area of operation for similar, small, often family companies, supplying themselves with the resources for the drilling of wells, coring, drilling of heat pumps, and numerous other drilling and engineering works. With development of trenchless technologies, the directional drilling market too became the recipient of products offered by BDC. The products and services of BDC not only encompass all types of drilling tasks. The company also offers a wide range of organic and non-organic chemical agents and agents for many technical applications.

Reacting to market needs, we are constantly developing new products, as well as providing the necessary engineering knowledge which allows us to save our customers time and money. We have created a comprehensive system in which chemical agents complement one another in order to obtain maximum possible efficiency in application. We have been able to obtain these results by ensuring the highest quality of system ingredients.

Nearly 30 years’ operation of Best Drilling Chemicals is a cause for pride and a responsibility. Most important for us is our customer. It doesn’t matter whether the customer orders tens or hundreds of tons of materials. The customer may order 25 kg or just ask for advice – we will always do our best and pursue our mission. We will never leave you, our customer, to your own devices. We em- body the best values in the sale of chemical agents. We guarantee that every product is supported by years of successful tests and trials. Each of our products has been subject to professional trials and verification in the most difficult of conditions. This provides us with confidence when we speak of the reliability of our products with our characteristic passion. Our objective – to deliver to special- ists products that never let you down.

We represent, after all, Best Drilling Chemicals. 

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